Armed Heist MOD APK (Immortality)

Time to get to work in Armed Heist – the action-packed third person shooter game that gets your heart pumping! Test your reflexes as you venture on your bank robbery spree. Robbing banks & armored trucks has never been more thrilling as you avoid flying bullets.
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Jun 19, 2023
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Have you ever thought of robbing a bank? If yes then what would be the preparations that you will have to make in order to rob a bank without getting caught. The banks are usually robbed by Heists who cover their faces with different masks that will scare the people and will also make them unrecognisable. We have seen this kind of robbery in the old movies where the Robbers are equipped with weapons and wear some scary masks. If you have some interesting plans, you can implement them in the game called Armed Heist. It is an action Gameplay in which you will not play the role of a superhero but a Bank robber and you will have to use different tactics in order to rob the banks that you will visit. You will also be able to create your whole gang who will help you to rob the banks. You can also make use of different weapons to scare the people. If you want to play this game then you can read this article for further information.

What is the Armed Heist game?

Armed Heist is an action gameplay in which you will have to play the role of a Bank robber. You will have to equip yourself in a way so that the people in the bank get scared and offer you the money. You can make use of different freaky masks to hide your identity and you will also be able to make use of different weapons to scare the people. This game also contains a multiplayer mode in which you can rob the banks with the help of your gang.

What is the Armed Heist MOD APK?

It is the modified version of the armed heist game. In this hacked version you will be able to customise your character for free, you will also be able to remain immortal in this game and there will be no need to recoil your weapons in order to shoot the guards who will try to stop you. This hacked version will also provide you with unlimited money so that you can buy new weapons and masks for yourself. If you want to get rid of ADS then this version will also help you out.

How to earn money in Armed Heist?

The money that you will earn in this game depends upon the robbery that you will perform and in order to collect the money you will have to perform the robbery in the best way possible so that you do not get injured or not get caught you will also be able to earn money by participating in different tournaments and events that will occur in this gameplay.

How to join an organisation in Armed Heist?

We will not be able to join the organisation right away. You will first have to unlock the organisation tab by playing certain events after that you will be able to join the organisation of any other person. To join the organisation you will first have to write the name of the organisation and then click on it after that you can send the request to become a member of that organisation.

Features of the Armed Heist game

Rob the banks

In this game you will have to rob the bank in order to earn money. Your main job is to get the money by robbing the banks and without getting caught.

Use Weapons

You can also make use of many different weapons in this game and train yourself to become a better Shooter so that you can easily rob the bank.


You can also make your whole gang in this game and invite your friends as well.

Various missions

There will be various levels and missions in this game and you can participate in it to show your skills.

Customize your gameplay

You will also be able to customise your equipment in this game and you can also customise yourself as well. You can change the colour of your guns and make them look unique and buy different masks for your character.

Features of the Armed Heist MOD APK

No recoil

In this game you will not have to recoil your weapons again and again.

Remain immortal

In the modified version of this game you will remain immortal.

Unlimited Money

This modified version will also provide you with unlimited money


Armed Heist is an amazing game in which you will play the role of a robber. You can also join so many other organisations in this game and play as their member. In order to get some additional advantages in this game you can download its modified version.


Q. How to get customised weapons in Armed Heist?

You will have to spend money in order to customise your weapons.

Q. How to dodge The Attacks of the guards in Armed Heist?

You can use bullet proof jackets and other equipment to dodge the attacks.



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