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Charging background knowledge:
There are two ways to charge faster:
The first is to use a higher power AC charger and avoid using USB charging because the current is too low;
The second is to reduce the power consumption and load of the phone as much as possible during the charging process to reduce the loss of electricity. If the electricity consumption can be reduced, the phone can be charged faster. For example, under normal circumstances, the phone can be charged for 1000mAh in an hour. But if the phone is continuously under high load, such as playing games, watching HD videos or turning on the flashlight, it may consume 300mAh in one hour. In this case, only 700mAh can be charged in one hour. However, if the electricity consumption can be reduced to 100mAh, the phone can be charged for 900mAh in one hour. This means that the charging speed indirectly increased by nearly 30%.

Explanation of the function description:

☆ Try to stop the work of your own background thread when charging.
During charging, avoid running background threads to reduce power consumption.

☆ Reduce screen brightness, reduce power consumption and reduce power consumption.
The screen LED is one of the main factors that consumes electricity, and reducing the screen brightness is a very effective way to reduce energy loss.

☆ Notify users to deal with abnormal power consumption increase in a short time.
If the electricity consumption speed increases in a short period of time, it indicates that there may be non-normal CPU loads. Users need to be reminded to handle them.

☆ Optimize WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth and other system settings to reduce mobile phone consumption.
Suggest that users turn off power-consuming devices such as WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, and automatic sync to reduce power consumption.

☆ Real-time monitoring of mobile phone temperature, remind users to unplug the charger to prevent overheating.
During charging, it will periodically monitor the temperature of the mobile phone. If it exceeds a certain threshold, it will remind the user that the phone is too hot and pay attention to safety.

☆ Accurately predict the remaining charging time and reset fully charged.
Through algorithms, estimate the time required to charge fully, to prevent overcharging and affect the battery life.


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