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Aug 25 2023
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No matter how busy we are, we have to do some tasks on our device on a daily basis. There are some games in which you have to collect coins and for this purpose, we have to tap continuously on our mobile screen. If you want to avoid the situation then you can download Clickmate APK. This app will also help you to save a lot of time because it is much faster than the manual clicks.

This app features two modes: in the first mode, you can set up the position of the clicks by yourself and in the second mode, you can record your action so that the app can copy your actions by itself. You can simply go to the settings of this app to select these modes.

Get Clickmate APK Now!

If you do not want your fingers to be tired then you can download the Clickmate app because it will help you to add the click positions on your device so that it can repeat automatically. In this way, you will not have to tap on your screen continuously; it also comes with record mode that will automatically record your gestures and repeat it. If you are still confused about this app, you can head towards the instruction section.

Features of Clickmate APK

Friendly Interface

This app contains a very friendly menu where you can easily select the mode that you want to go for. For example, if you choose the manual mode then you can simply click on different positions to let the app know about the positions you want the Clicks on and after that it will repeat the gestures.

Choose positions by yourself

If you want to choose the positions by yourself then you can simply go for the manual mode that is available in this app. It will allow you to select the positions on which you want to click or swipe and it will be saved in this app.

Record your Actions

There is also a recording mode available in this app. In this way, you can simply play the game and play the recorder . It will record your clicks and swipe actions and will repeat it automatically.

Faster than Manual

This app is beneficial for you because this app is faster than the manual clicking, which means that you can easily become the winner of your favourite game and do your tasks easily without a need to wait.

Save the Controls

There is also an option to save the controls that you add to this app. So whenever you need to play a game or do any task on your device, you can simply enable the recording that you have saved in this app and there is no need to provide it with the instructions again.

Instructions Available

If you are still confused about the usage of this app then you can get to know more about it with the help of the instructions that are available in this app.

Work for different apps

This app is not only made to play games, you can also do various tasks on your device with the help of it. This app works with all the different apps on your device.

Add Swipe controls

This app does not only work with the clicks, but it is also able to record the swipe controls. So whenever you need to swipe on your screen while playing a game you do not have to worry because it will also repeat these gestures.

Premium Features available

If you download the pro version of Clickmate app then you will be able to make use of all the extended features of this app.

No advertisement

In the regular version of Clickmate, you have to get along with unwanted ads. But in the pro version there is no need to make any compromises as there are no ads.

Why do people like Clickmate Pro APK?

People are more inclined towards the pro version of Clickmate as they get access to all the extended features of this app which means they can easily adjust these swipe controls and record as many settings as they want.

Download Clickmate Pro APK Latest Version 2023

By getting the pro version of Clickmate, the users will get a lot of advantages which means they can easily add extended settings to this app but they need to spend the subscription charges.

Clickmate APK 2023 Download

Clickmate APK 2023 provides you with all the latest updates of this app.

Final Verdict

If you are a busy person then you should get this app as it will perform all the necessary tasks by itself. You will also be able to get a lot of Amazing features by downloading the pro version of Clickmate APK.


Q. Can I use Clickmate to play Games?

Yes, you can use this app to play games.

Q. Does Clickmate take too much space?

No, Clickmate is a very lightweight app. It just takes 8 MBS of space.


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