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Is cooking an avocation of yours that you would like to pursue further? If becoming a chef and running a restaurant is a distant dream of yours then you can make it come true through this cooking simulation game. Everything nowadays can be accessed virtually through the digital devices we carry everywhere with us aka our smartphones. Cooking Fever is a mobile game application offered by Nordcurrent that will take you on the cooking adventure you thought wasn’t possible.

You can download the game for free from google play store. However it will contain ads and offer in-app purchases. To counter this problem you can always opt for the mod version that we are providing. Cooking Fever is a meticulously designed cooking game that offers multiple exciting opportunities for you to learn and enjoy culinary activities.

Choose from a variety of unique restaurants, cook food, satisfy your customers and manage the restaurant. Engage in the thrilling and engrossing gameplay that will never let you get bored. If you want to know all about this game you can read the information that we have compiled below.

What is Cooking Fever APK?

Cooking Fever apk is a cooking simulation game that is free to download from all play stores. However it also offers subscription packages and ads, problems that you can counter with paying money. This game introduces a very thrilling gameplay in which you have to cook delicious recipes, make your customers happy and maintain the restaurant.

The game offers a variety of restaurants you can choose from and a large number of levels so you wont need any other game. As you progress through the game you can upgrade your equipment, decorate the restaurant, discover new recipes and so many more exciting elements that will enhance all the fun.

What is Cooking Fever Mod APK?

Cooking Fever mod apk is the hacked version of the game. If you don’t feel like spending money on the game but want additional features then our mod version solves your problem. The mod version gives its players all the premium features in addition to cheat features for free so they can enjoy the game completely.

You can get access to features like unlimited coins and gems so you can purchase and upgrade all the content that you need and make boundless profit in the game. You can also get rid of the ads via the mod version.

Is Cooking Fever an Offline Game?

No, you cannot play Cooking without access to an internet connection. Make sure your connection is stable so there are no issues in the game.

What Type of Game is Cooking Fever?

Cooking Fever is a cooking simulation game for mobile phones. In the game players get to choose a restaurant of their liking from a variety of unique hotels located in different places. After selecting, players have to cook food and prepare drinks to manage the restaurant and serve their customers. There are many interesting tools and features that make the game a delectable experience.

Is Cooking Fever a Safe Game?

This game is completely safe for children to play. There is no harmful or offensive content in the game. However parents should be wary of one thing that is; the app offers in-app purchases for gems and coin packages.


Exciting Gameplay

In this game you will experience the exciting and delicious life of a chef. Choose from a variety of unique restaurants ranging from fast food chains and dessert to indian and chinese restaurants. Practice cooking all kinds of foods and concoct drinks using different techniques. Make use of a variety of kitchen tools and machinery. Satisfy your customers and win rewards. Each level will bring new and unique challenges consequently unlocking new achievements and upgrades.

More than 1000 Levels

Yes! You will get to play more than a 1000 levels. The game remains exciting and challenging throughout these levels and you will never get bored. You won’t have to feel sad about parting with the game too soon. There will be plenty of time to enjoy and relish at the sight of delicious dishes as a chef.

Renovate Your Restaurant

Managing a restaurant doesn’t mean that you only have to tend to cooking, you have to take care of your restaurant in every aspect. You will need to decorate your restaurant in a way that will attract more customers. People always feel more welcome in a cozy and beautiful environment. With a more impressive interior you will upgrade the waiting time of your customers and also find an increase in the tips they give. You will have to start from step one and build a premium restaurant from there.

Upgrade Cooking Tools

Upgrading and unlocking new content is always an exciting feature in a game. Similarly you can upgrade your cutlery and other cooking equipment while also unlocking new items. This feat will have a positive effect on your restaurant sales. Through this process you can become efficient and gain more with less effort and time and increase your profit in leaps and bounds.

Unlock new Recipes

In the beginning you will start from a smaller level and gradually as you clear levels new restaurants will be unlocked. Every restaurant has its own requirements and system. Your flexibility will be challenged in this way. You will discover many new recipes along the way which will expand your menu and bring in more profit.


The graphics of the game are absolutely stunning and also very interactive allowing the player to make all kinds of creative and fun changes to the restaurant. In addition, and the most prominent feature of the game, the visuals of the food are very carefully designed and just makes your mouth water.

Mod Features

Unlimited Coins

You will get unlimited coins in the mod version which will assist you in easily upgrading your tools and purchasing new ones without any limit.

Unlimited Gems

You can also gain access to unlimited gems through the mod version which will make it easy to purchase rare and premium content and quickly advance in the game.

No Ads

Nobody wants to be disturbed by constant advertisements while playing a game. The mod version has it solved for you. You can steer clear of them with the mod version for free.

Free to Download

Another good thing about this game is that it is absolutely free to download. You can enjoy this game by downloading it for free and thus it’s a good thing about this game that users like.


Cooking Fever is a game filled with thrilling and unique entertainment that you will never get bored of. We hope that this comprehensive article has satisfied your curiosity about the game. Feel free to drop down any queries that you have in the comment section below and we will do our best to address them. You can get the mod version of the game via the link provided above.


Q. What is the size of Cooking Fever?

The size of Cooking Fever is 129 MB.

Q. Is Cooking Fever a free game?

Yes, cooking Fever can be downloaded from google play for free.


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