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Fishdom is a simulation game in which you can have a pet fish. You will start your aquarium from scratch and at first, you will have only one fish and to make it happy, you need to get different items in the aquarium. For example, you can get toys for your fish and you can also decorate the aquarium with different things.

You can also get new fishes for your aquarium. For this purpose, you have to complete the match 3 puzzles in this game that will help you to collect money and you can use it to buy food for your fish. You can also unlock new fish tanks and add different kinds of fish to it. You can also buy accessories to customise your fishes.

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Fishdom is a Game in which you can have your own aquarium. You can get a fish in your tank and you can take care of it, you can feed it and you can also pet it. There are various ways to decorate your aquarium and for this purpose, you have to match the puzzles. You can also unlock new tanks and fishes in this game and add a lot of new elements to this game.

Features of Fishdom APK

Have your own aquarium

In the fishdom game, you can have your own aquarium where you can get a pet fish. You can take care of your fish in so many ways and complete puzzles to unlock new items in this game.

Add different Items to the tank

You can collect different items in this game and add them to the tank to make it a fun place for your fish. You will also be able to add toys in the tank so that your fish can interact with them and become happy.

Interact with your Fish

There are various ways to interact with your fish in this game you can play with it a different time of the day and you also have to feed your face to make it grow. You can also pet it to make it happy.

Complete Puzzles

This game includes the match three puzzles. You have to complete these puzzles to earn money in this game. You can also unlock a lot of new elements in this game by completing these puzzles.

Help your fish

There are different situations in this game in which you have to help your face to overcome the difficulties. For example, the tank can break at any time and you have to get the right thing to fix the tank.

Unlock new tanks

There are many new tanks available in this game that have different shapes and sizes. By playing the match 3 puzzles, you can unlock these tanks and decorate them in new ways.

Many new fishes to get

This game includes a variety of fishes that have different sizes and shapes. All of these features have different personalities to amaze you. You can get the new species by completing the puzzles.

Complete Challenges

There are a lot of challenges in this game that you have to complete. These challenges will help you to get a rank on the leaderboard and you can earn a lot of rewards by completing these challenges.

Unlocked Tanks

If you download the pro version of the fishdom game then you will be able to get all the tanks that are available in this game and there is no need to unlock them.

Unlimited Money

The pro version of the fishdom game will also provide you with unlimited money so that you can easily buy toys for the fishes and you can also use this money to buy the new species and tanks.

Why do people like Fishdom Pro APK?

People like Fishdom Pro APK because in this version, they can have unlocked tanks and they will also be able to get unlimited money that will help them to decorate the tanks and to buy toys for their fishes.

Download Fishdom Pro APK Latest Version 2023

In the pro version of Fishdom, you do not have to struggle in order to get the new tanks as they are all unlocked. But you have to pay the subscription charges to get this version.

Fishdom APK 2023 Download

Fishdom APK 2022 will provide you with the latest updates of this game.

Final Verdict

Fishdom is an interactive Gameplay in which you can have a pet fish. You can interact with your fish and can also feed it after regular intervals. There are a lot of new fishes as well. But if you want to get unlimited money in this game then you should download the pro version of Fishdom.


Q. How do you unlock new tanks in Fishdom?

You can unlock new tanks by completing the match with three puzzles.

Q. Can I play Fishdom without an internet connection?

Yes, you can play this game even without an internet connection.


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