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Adventurous games are always very fun to play because. You can explore different things in thes games which makes it more interesting. New missions and tasks are always coming in this game that you have to complete and you will not get bored because of just completing the same tasks.

Just like that, today I am going to tell you about the game which is one of the best games right now. It is called Merge Dragons. In this game you can hatch eggs and you can evolve new Dragons. You can merge them as well to create a more powerful version of them. You can build your own magic Empire on which you will have different camps and buildings available on which you can train your Dragons to fight against enemies.’

What is the Merge dragons APK?

It is a game related to the Dragons. You can build your own magic empire in this game. In which you can build different things like camps and buildings for the training of your different Dragons. First of all you have to hatch eggs in this games so that you can get Dragons out of them. You have to provide Dragon food and all the resources they will leave to make them more powerful. There is also a feature to merge Dragons and by merging them you can create the most powerful version of them. There are more than 37 species of dragons in this game.

What is the Merge dragons mod APK?

In the standard version of this you will get limited sources and you can do the upgrades to your Dragons to the limit. You cannot create the most powerful version of them. But to make it possible for you we have made the modified version of this game which is called merge Dragons Mod APK. We have made changes in this version and we will provide you unlimited money and resources in it.

Is the Merge Dragons a free game?

Most of the games which are launching right now have lots of in-app purchases in them. These are the things which make many people disheartened because they cannot get the most benefits. But Merge Dragon is a totally free game. It will provide you with all the features for free.

Do we have friends in the Merge dragons mod game?

In this game you will also have many friends available. It means that you can visit different places in this game and there you can find your many friends. You can talk with them to get the instructions of how to build a great magic Empire and you can make your Dragons more powerful.

Features of the Merge dragons APK

Evolve dragons

In this game you can evolve your Dragons, you can make them more powerful by providing them with the best resources and training.

900+ missions

The reason why this game is so much enjoyable is that in this game you have different missions every time. You will have 900 + missions available in this game.

Merge dragons

When you hatch the eggs and you evolve Dragons, after that you can merge them so that you can create the most powerful version of them.

Build magic empire

This game is so interesting because you have to build your own magic Empire where you can train powerful Dragons available.

Over 37 species

This game will provide you with different species of dragons that you can unlock and you will have almost 37 species available.

Features of the Merge dragons mod APK

Free shopping

This modified version will provide the feature of Free shopping; it means that you can get all the resources unlimited in this version.

No ads

In the original version sometimes you will get lots of ADS that will pop up on your screen. But in this modified version we have removed all the disgusting ads.

All dragons unlocked

This modified version will provide you all the Dragons unlocked and you can choose your most favourite Dragon to make him more powerful.


In it you can build your own magic Empire. It is one of the best games to play in your free time and you will have many different missions available in this game. After you complete one mission the next one is going to be totally different from the last one which will provide you with a fresh feeling everytime in this game.


Q. Do we have dragons of different categories of dragons in the Merge dragons?

Yes, in Merge Dragons you will have Dragons of different categories available in there are 37 species of dragons available.

Q. How many items do we have in the Merge dragons game?

You will have different items in the Merge Dragons and there are more than 500+ items in this game.


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