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Aug 1, 2023
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Fighting games are the games that always remain in demand, people love these fighting games more than any game especially boys. Boys are fighting game lovers this is why these games are always in demand.

In this game you have to fight with different kinds of monsters and you also have to make your own world. The fighting is must you will not survive in this game if you don’t know how to fight.

So it’s better to play the game more and more so you can get trained for the fights. Because the monsters are so powerful and it is difficult to fight with them.

What is Monster Legends Apk?

This game is about fighting with monsters but you can also make a world and you have to take care of your world. You have to make yourself a pro player to win fights against monsters.

What is Monster Legends Mod Apk?

This time we have a Mod version in which you can get everything unlimited which means that there will be no limit for anything you use in this version, also get an ad free game.

Fight With Monsters

As you all know that this is a fighting game so it is not possible that you can play this game without doing any kind of fights. In this game you have to do fights with different kinds of Monsters, you will get a variety of monsters.

And you can choose them by yourself for the fights, so choose wisely because if you choose a powerful monster then the fight can become very difficult for you. Especially if you are not a pro in this game so please choose monsters wisely.


People always ask for multiplayer games from us so this is the best multiplayer game you have ever played. So you can play this game with your friends no matter where they are and you can also play with random people that come in online games.

And with this feature you can also make new friends for yourself because through this game you will meet so many new people. This is why people prefer multiplayer games the most because they meet new people.

New Events

So every game has its different language which means that every game has its own words for example some games say gems and some say diamonds.

Just like this some games say missions, some games say quests and some say events but they all have the same meanings so don’t get confused. In this game you will get daily new events and these events can make you addicted towards the game.

And also you can earn through completing the events because after the completion of each event you will get a gift which obviously will be money.


This is a fighting game and as i said that every game has its different language so in fighting games they use tournaments.

The game will have so many tournaments and you will get new tournaments everyday so you have to make yourself a pro in this game to win all the tournaments. Winning tournaments will also give you rewards from which you can save money.

Unlimited Money

We know that you face difficulties in saving and earning money; this is why we have come up with a Mod version for you. In this version you will get everything unlimited which also includes money.

So this means that you will get many in uncountable quantities which we also say unlimited money. In this version you can spend your money without any limit and can buy anything you like or you need.

Unlocked Everything

There are so many items that are locked in the game which means that if you are at initial level then you cannot have access to so many advanced items because they are locked.

But if you are on a high level then you can get many items unlocked. So in easy words this is like the higher the level, the more items you unlock. But this will take a long time to get to a higher level this is why the Mod version has all the items unlocked.


People who ask for the Mod version of fighting games, we are here with a Mod version of this game. This is a famous game which is also interesting, you can try this. We have made all the features unlimited for you guys.


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