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May 12 2024
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PLAYit MOD APK has many powerful features to help you manage, play and customize multimedia files like photos, videos, mp3.


Handy video player for Android

Before I talk about the extensive features of PLAYit, I would like to introduce to you the main features of the application. This is a very handy video player where you can adjust the video according to your usage needs. In fact, apps like PLAYit are developed and used a lot by people, either because most Android devices don’t have a built-in player, or a video player doesn’t have the features to meet their needs.

With PLAYit, you can adjust lighting, volume, and playback speed right on the video playback screen. The operations are just swiping left, right or up, down according to each area of the screen. In it, the left side of the screen is the area for you to adjust the light, the right is the volume, in the middle is the zoom in/out.

Besides, PLAYit also supports playing video in pop-up format. Even if you exit the app to access another, you can still watch your favorite videos. The PLAYit also automatically rotates the screen horizontally/vertically without having to turn on the device rotation feature.

Download videos from social networks easily

Besides watching and playing videos, PLAYit is also a great video downloader for Android. For example, when you surf facebook or Twitter, you see interesting videos and want to download it to your device, you will need PLAYit.

To do this, just enter the url of the social networking site where the media file you want to download into the url search bar. The application will find the source of the media and display the corresponding download tool for you to save it to your device. Currently, PLAYit provides video downloader for most popular social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Whatsapp, Instagram, Tiktok, TED, Vimeo.

You can also control your downloads by tapping the arrow icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Here is a list of downloaded and loaded files. You can find the path to the downloaded file, check the download speed and progress, or cancel if desired.

Integrated music player

In addition to the aforementioned features, PLAYit is known to be an excellent music player for Android devices. When you grant access and read files from the memory, the application scans the entire file system on the device, then imports the music files into the player. To check, you just need to go to “All Songs”.

Of course, a music player will have features like search and filter music. PLAYit provides powerful filters, allowing you to search for tracks by album, artist… You can sort these tracks by year of release or name in Alphabet format.

If you don’t have music on your device, or you want to listen to exclusive music, which is only available in mp4 format, you can convert them to mp3 with PLAYit’s MP3 converter. To do this, select the mp4 file you want to convert, then embed it in the application’s converter. All work will then be processed automatically, finally with the mp3 file you want. However, if you use the free version, you will be limited in the conversion process.

About themes

PLAYit has two themes Dark Color and Light Color. You can change between them when accessing “Theme”. Here, you will find lots of different themes, and each has its own unique color and design. PLAYit has a coin system. You can earn coins for participating in special activities, such as lucky spins, watching ads, … And coins can be used to buy new themes.

The most popular themes are Black Marble, Moonlight, Monet Painting, Iron Mecha, Need for Speed, Nature Green … The cost of each type ranges from 500 to 2500 coins, depending on its design.


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