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There are many people who love to play cricket games and a lot of people love this game because it is the national game of many countries and almost every other team is participating in this game so that is why most of the people from different countries love cricket.

Real Cricket Mod Apk is one of the very famous and popular cricket games that has been loved and liked by hundreds and thousands of people from all over the world and the craze behind the game is insane.

You can easily get this game on your Android devices including Android Smartphones and Tablets. This game has also received very phenomenal reviews and almost all the reviews of this game are encouraging and positive. You can get the original version of this application for free however if you are more interested in getting extraordinary features then you can always go for the premium version but it is not free and you have to pay some charges.

It has lots of amazing and fantabulous features that you will absolutely love and once you start using this application, every feature will be your favorite. You will give more preference to this game instead of going out of your home and playing Cricket on ground. So, make sure to download this game because it will prove to be the best game that you ever played and will help you to keep your cricket love alive.

What is Real Cricket Apk?

In this game you can have the real experience of playing in realistic cricket match stadium where you can play with your favorite team that is Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, South Africa any country that you want to play with and you can also choose whether you want to do batting or bowling so this game is very flexible and you can play this came with your own designs and wish and this game also gives you a lot of training of playing the cricket.

What is Real Cricket Mod Apk?

You will get unlimited money through with you can do whatever you want in this game you can upgrade your play as your team and can also have free tickets in this modified version through which you can play in any of your favorite stadium with any of your favorite team with which you want to play in the cricket match and at tournaments for challenges.

Can I play with my favorite team in Real Cricket Mod Apk?

Yes, you can play with your favorite team in this game.

Can I play Real Cricket Mod Apk in a multiplayer mod?

Yes you can play this game in a multiplayer mode.

Are there any tournaments or challenges in Real Cricket Mod Apk?

Yes there are many exciting and exclusive tournaments and challenges are available in this game.


Incredible and Stunning Graphic

You will experience the most incredible and stunning graphics in this cricket game as the graphics of cricket game should be up to mark and full three-dimensional graphics because it makes the game environment so enthusiastic and take the level of excitement to the next level so the graphic should be up to mark and the graphics of this amazing game is full of incredible and outstanding.

Make and Customize Your Match

You can customize your own match according to your requirements and design you can select the stadium, your team, your stadium, weather and anything you want to select a this game this game provides your options and features to make and customize your own weather like foggy, sunny, rainy for anything

Intuitive Controls

The controls of this game are very simple and intuitive.You don’t have to struggle a lot while playing this game and the controls are so simple and easy to use. You can do bowling or batting in this game and You can also select the option of batting from left or right left and also you can select the option of bowling from right or left. You can also control this game by using your fingers and storing it smoothly.

Play With Your Friends and Companions

You can also play this game with your friends and companions which make the level of excitement the bus and take the level of linear to the next level as playing with your friends and companions.You can play with your friends and companions in a team and they will help you to win the game.It is a multiplayer mode game. You can play this game with online gamers all around the world.

Licensed Players

All the players are licensed in this game you can play with any team you want to play with Pakistan, India, Australia, South Africa, Bangladesh, and any cricket team that you want with. So this game provides a lot of golden features and this game  is giving a lot of liabilities according to your wishes and desires.

Amazing and Thrilling Challenges

There are a lot of amazing and thrilling challenges in this game that you have to complete in order to win the game. The challenges are so amazing and exciting you can play with a lot of thrill and enjoyment with your friends and companions. You should download this game on your Android phone and tablets.

A Lot of Tournaments

There are a lot of amazing  and exciting tournaments in this game in which you can take part and win a lot of awards and prizes. You can also play with your own Desire selected team with your desired weather on the stadium.These tournaments are full of enjoyment and you can play with a lot of stress and techniques and strategies you can play with left or right leg and hand can do batting and bowling all according to your desire.

Mod Feature

Unlimited Money

You have unlimited money in their modified version of this amazing game and you will not have to buy anything with the money that you have collected by winning the tournaments as everything on this modified version is for free.

Tickets For Free

You will also get free tickets in their hacked version of this game and you don’t have to buy any tickets to play in the stadium of your favorite choice so you will get free tickets in this amazing hack version.


Real Cricket Mod Apk is a game that involves the real excitement and experience of playing the cricket match in your favorite and desired stadium where you can have your desired weather.You can do batting or bowling according to your wish whenever you want and can also play with your favorite team. You can play this game in a multiplayer mode with the enjoyment of your friends and companions so download this game on your android tablets and smartphones to make your boring time a lot more enjoyable.


Q. Is Real Cricket Mod Apk free to download?

Yes, Real Cricket Mod Apk is absolutely free to download.

Q. Can Real Cricket Mod Apk be downloaded on android tablets?

Yes, Real Cricket Mod Apk can be downloaded on android tablets.


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