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There are a lot of VPN tools in the market. But some of them can make your device slower, which will make it difficult to watch your favourite content and some of them contain a lot of ads that make them a lot more difficult to use. But X VPN is an app that will provide you with a better interface and a good internet speed so that you can easily watch your favourite content online.

This VPN connection is also very beneficial for The Gamers because they can easily play their favourite games without any lags. There are different protocols available in this app that will have to get a better interface and you can even use the account of this app on 5 other devices simultaneously.

Get X VPN Pro APK Now!

X VPN is an app that is different from all the other VPN tools as it contains 11 different protocols to complete your tasks. This app will provide you with a stable connection so that you can easily watch your favourite content. It will provide you with a kill switch so that the connection will automatically stop if it accesses any harmful website or app. You can also create an exclusion list on this app.

Features of X VPN Pro APK

Get a stable Connection

X VPN is an app that provides you with a stable VPN connection. Unlike other apps, it will not slow down your Internet connection and you will get to explore the Internet without any lags.

Different Settings

This app will provide you with 11 different protocols that will help you to access the banned websites. These protocols are easily accessible and are available on this app and you just have to switch between them in order to get the best connection.

Worldwide Servers

You will get a worldwide server on this app so that you can easily access the content that is available in other regions. You can even Switch between these locations to get better connection speed.

Perform Speed Test

After connecting this app, you will be able to perform a speed test on your device so that you can get to know about the change in the speed of the internet after connecting with this app.

Kill switch available

There is a kills switch available in this app that will help you to protect your device if any virus tries to enter your device. This kills switch will automatically disable the VPN connection on your device.

Create Exclusion list

This app will allow you to create an exclusion list so that you can add the apps that you want to exclude from the influence of this VPN connection. You can add as many apps as you want in this list and you can even save this for later use.

Have a private browser

This app will provide you with a private browser in which the history will not be saved. You can access any website or content with the help of this browser and can also work with multiple tabs.

No Information leaks

People are often Confused while using VPN connections as they think that these connections save their personal information and Leak it to any third party. But there is no such condition in X VPN as it is a fully encrypted app.

Pro Servers available

If you want to get extra speed and stable connection then you should go for the pro servers. You can get these servers by downloading X VPN Pro APK.

No promotional ads

To get rid of the promotional video add you can get the pro version of X VPN.

Why do people like X VPN Pro APK?

People are focused on the pro version of X VPN as they can easily access the Pro Servers by downloading it. These servers provide them with a stable connection and extra speed so that they can easily play games and watch their favourite content online.

Download X VPN Pro APK Latest Version 2023

By downloading the pro version of X VPN the users will have access to worldwide servers. But you have to become the pro member of this app in order to enjoy these privileges.

X VPN APK 2023 Download

To provide the users with a better interface a lot of improvements have been made to this app. To get the improved version, you can download X VPN APK 2023.

Final Verdict

This is an app that provides you access to global servers. It contains the kill switch and 11 different protocols so that you can have a better interface. To get access to the extended features of this app, you can download its pro version.


Q. Can I change the language of X VPN APK?

Yes, you can change the language of X VPN APK.

Q. Can I use an X VPN account on multiple devices?

Yes, you can use an X VPN account on 5 devices simultaneously.


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